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Knoke Legal is a boutique law firm based in Dee Why who provides legal services and advice in Wills and Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney, Enduing Guardians, Probate and Estate Administration, Estate Litigation, Property and Conveyancing, and Retail and Commercial leasing and litigation.  

What we do

We take pride in providing legal services in a meaningful and comprehensive way in the following areas;

  1. Wills and Estate planning,
  2. Probate and Estate administration,
  3. Estate Litigation and Family Provision Claims,
  4. Property and Business Conveyancing,
  5. Retail and commercial leasing and litigation.

About AM Knoke Solicitor

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Located in Dee Why, we will work with you to understand your needs and to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

Every situation is different, but we will work with you to navigate the legal issues involved.  It is our priority to find a clear way forward to resolve matters in a quick, professional and cost effective manner. In contentious matters we work towards dealing with your matter honestly, compassionately and conscientiously as we aim for prompt and consistent communications in a cost effective manner.

If your type of legal matter is not listed above, we may still be able to assist you.  Working in multiple areas of law and in both state and federal jurisdiction we will work towards your best outcome.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

If we cannot provide assistance we will guide you in the right direction.

Who are we

Annie Knoke is the Principal solicitor with substantial experience in Wills and Estate planning, applications for Probate and letters of administration,  Estate litigation, debt collection, retail and commercial leasing and litigation.  Annie Knoke has been working on the Northern Beaches for many years and contributed to the community in a number of ways.  Annie Knoke works hard to achieve the best outcome for her clients.  

Aline Affarian is our Paralegal. She worked at Bendigo Bank for 8 years before coming to us and has lived and worked on the Northern Beaches for most of her life. Aline enjoys working with people and being the welcoming face of our business. 

We take pride in providing meaningful, comprehensive legal services.

Knoke Legal is local boutique law firm based in Dee Why who provides services and advice in the following areas of practice;

  1. Conveyancing and Property law
  2. Wills and Estate planning
  3. Powers of Attorney
  4. Enduring guardian documentation
  5. Elder Law
  6. Estate Litigation including family provision claims and contested estates
  7. Retail and Commercial Leasing
  8. Employment Law contracts and agreements
  9. Business law
  10. Probate and estate administration
  11. Family Law and de facto relationships
  12. Binding Financial Agreements
  13. Loan agreements
  14. Traffic matter
  15. Liquor licencing
  16. Strata By Laws and special by laws
  17. Local Court
  18. Debt Collection and recovery
  19. Mortgages and property dealings
  20. Divorce

Located in Dee Why

Suite 403, 7 Oaks Ave Dee Why NSW 2099
Mailing: PO Box 464 Dee Why NSW 2099
Telephone:  02 9971 8702

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