Application for Divorce

Application for Divorce In Australia, the principle of divorce is of no-fault. The Court will not consider why the marriage has ended, and only that the marriage broke down and that there us no reasonable chance the parties will reconcile.  Both the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit…

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Retaining Walls and Dividing Fences

Dividing Fences A dividing fence is defined under the Dividing Fences Act 1991 (NSW).  A dividing fence means; a fence separating the land of adjoining owners, whether on the common boundary of adjoining lands or on a line other than the common boundary. A fence can be made out of timber,…

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Estate planning and unsigned documents

Wills & Testamentary intention What happens if a loved one instructs a solicitor to prepare a Will, but the Will remains a draft and they never get around to signing it?  What happens if you die before your Will is signed ?    It is very important that a person's…

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