Enduring Guardians and Financial Managers

Guardianship Division The Guardianship Division is a branch within the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). It determines applications about adults ​who are incapable of making their own decisions and who may require a legally appointed substitute decision maker. The types of applications include: Guardianship order A guardianship order is…

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What is a liability waiver? A liability waiver is a legal contract. It is commonly signed before an activity that could be considered risky or dangerous. It is signed between the organisers and a participant of an activity. The contract acknowledges the risks involved in their participation. If the participant…


Application for Divorce

Application for Divorce In Australia, the principle of divorce is of no-fault. The Court will not consider why the marriage has ended, and only that the marriage broke down and that there us no reasonable chance the parties will reconcile.  Both the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit…

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